The ”ZEM Ełk” Automotive Electrotechnical Company in Ełk Ltd.
is a company with long-standing traditions, which produces low voltage wiring harnesses, battery cables and ignition wiring harnesses for all types of vehicles and devices. Such factors as experienced and training engineering and technical personnel, longstanding
co-operation with such automotive companies as FIAT, OPEL, MERCEDES-BENZ, PEUGEOT, FORD, DAEWOO, FSO, ZAO ZAZ, CNH,  as well as co-operation with top world suppliers of car parts such as DELPHI, VALEO, SIEMENS, AFL, BOSCH, BEHR, DENSO, and VOLEX have determined the company’s high position on the European market.
The company has also experiences in design and making complete equipment for the production of wiring harnesses (assembly lines, assembly and control boards, special tools).

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